At Move-in, we actively encourage, support and celebrate all of the diverse voices in our workplace and beyond.

We are committed to an inclusive environment across race, gender, age, religion, identity and personal choice.

Our team covers a diverse skill set— from interior design, to account management, communications, operations, and logistics.

Zahava Elenberg

Zahava started Move-in in 2002 by accident.  It was in response to a new and emerging need for turn-key furniture packages in the inner-city apartment boom.  With a background in architecture and no one in that space, she embarked on the fit out of apartments for a client.  One thing led to another and Move-in has come of age.  With a skilled and dedicated team, Move-in is now an industry leader, demonstrating agility, flexibility, integrity and innovation in the world of FF&E.  Specialising in all aspects of design and delivery, Move-in works on projects of all scales from hotels and serviced apartments to student accommodation and social spaces.  Zahava Co-Founded Elenberg Fraser Architecture in 1998; launched Clikclax in 2020 and is on the Board of the Melbourne International Film Festival. She works on lots of other projects from script writing to social collaborations, loves to cook and don’t get her started on rock climbing.

Sarah Olukhale
General Manager

With an international career in Management and a degree in Interior Design, Sarah brings her unique combination of skills together at Move-in.  She manages all teams across all departments to ensure Move-in projects are successfully delivered for clients.  From detailed project analysis, design briefs, contracts, processes and scheduling, Sarah has developed attentive and reliable relationships with her team, as well as the vast Move-in network of collaborators, consultants and clients. Her level-headed and solutions-based approach to the complexity of FF&E ensures every project is managed impeccably – on time and on budget; and her recipes for complex dishes from all corners of the globe make everyone hungry on a regular basis.

Monique Ancora
Sales and Marketing Manager

Monique has a background in Journalism, Property Development and Marketing, so it is no surprise that there is no task she cannot conquer, from contract negotiations to copy editing and hand-over on site – she has it covered.  Her multifaceted and determined approached to her work and her understanding of design led and commercially driven FF&E ensure that her team can depend on her to deliver results.  When she is not designing websites, editing books or solving packing issues for children’s toys, she is actively managing the growth and success of Move-in, and making sure everyone knows about us and our clients are happy campers.

Brett Yarr
Finance Manager

Brett has over a decade of experience working in the commercial design industry in Australia and New Zealand. As Move-in’s Finance Manager, Brett strives for industry best practice working closely with clients, suppliers and collaborators to ensure projects are successfully delivered to an excellent standard. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of financial management, Brett is a dedicated member of the team and likes to maintain a healthy work life balance by keeping fit, cooking lots and travelling (well, hopefully again very soon!).

Melissa Molnar
Senior Interiors Manager

Melissa’s degree in Visual Arts has created the backbone of her design philosophy that has earned her the respect of the industry, her team and clients.  From spatial planning, value & cost management, product & material research, custom furniture design and a vast network of local and international artisans and collaborators, Melissa brings an authoritative and authentic voice to FF&E.  Working across all projects from student accommodation to luxury residences, Melissa combines an astute eye, attention to detail and a confidence to her work. She also likes to freedive with whales.

Ethan Chung
Operations Manager

Ethan makes sure all FF&E gets to site on time.  Armed with an MBA, a Masters and a soft spot for bizarre snack food, Ethan manages the operations and strategy at Move-in to ensure the seamless delivery of all projects.  Working with various departments and contractors, Ethan manages logistics, freight and installation across multiple projects and locations.  He’s also a good cook.

Margaret Brown
Design Account Manager

With over 20 years of experience working on leading hotel FF&E projects in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, Margaret is highly skilled in design and management.  From concept to development and delivery, Margaret brings an exceptional level of detail and dedication to her work.  Having overseen and managed the FF&E for many luxury hospitality brands, she is a valued member of the team, and her knowledge and dedication to the trade has earned her the respect of designers and clients alike.

Adele Chard
Communications Co-ordinator

Adele is a former dancer and choreographer with two degrees in Business and Marketing.  She has a background in sales, customer service, fashion, interiors and operations and ensures the communications engine at Move-in runs smoothly.  Working with the team in all areas of social content, marketing, interior styling and customer care, Adele is both a behind the scenes activist, and an on-site warrior.

Grace Wheaton
Design & Graphics

With a background in branding, marketing, social media and set design, Grace brings Move-in assets to life.  From design reports to digital & brand management, marketing and strategy, Grace supports our design team and clients to ensure all creative assets are beautifully crafted. Originally from The Wimmera she has the country in her heart, but can now be seen walking her miniature dachshund Maeve around Northside Melbourne.

Todd Halliwell
Warehouse Manager

Todd has been in the warehouse game for over 15 years and manages the complex back-end of FF&E from the Move-in warehouse. Todd is an integral part of the team’s dedication to successful project delivery, from inventory management and goods receiving to picking and packing. When one job can have over 10,000 products, that is no small feat. A passionate woodworker, he also enjoys live music, South American cuisine and his Kelpie dog, Dave.

Louise Patterson

Louise is a Move-in veteran and has been working with the team from the very very start.  She was involved in the very first catalogue in 2002, and has a deep, committed and cellular undertesting of the business.  She has been the Head Stylist and Project Manager on many Move-in jobs all around the world from Kuala Lumpur to India, Mount Bulla and Busselton; and assisted with the launch of Move-in Dubai in 2006.  She sources products, materials and objects for projects and is responsible for Move-in’s renowned styling language and portfolio.  She can fix anything with a cable tie and a knife, and her commitment and sense of humor knows no bounds.  She is also an excellent cook.  Just saying…

Delivery and Installation Team

Our team of delivery and installation experts manage all on-site logistics. From permits to traffic management, delivery to site, assembly, installation, cleaning and rubbish removal for projects large and small.