We recently sat down with the design team from Move-in and asked a range of questions about their design philosophy.

Their responses excited us as they spoke about what they envisage for the future of design — not just in student accommodation but across a range of developing industries.

Lisa Bellear House — University of Melbourne. © Tess Kelly.

What is the underlying design philosophy that drives Move-in when working with a new client in student accommodation?

When taking on a new student accommodation project, our primary objective is to support our communities to live better through considered, functional and exciting spaces.

We see student accommodation as an opportunity to design not only a unique environment, but a total experience and we work together with our clients to create something inspiring and innovative.

It is important to us to approach any design brief with a sense of place and therefore support collaborations with local creatives and makers whenever possible.

What is it about student accommodation as a sector that inspires Move-in?

The opportunity to design spaces which evoke social interaction and a sense of community. We like to play with colour, texture and artwork to instil a sense of a home away from home.

GSA Pelham — Global Student Living. © Tom Ross.
GSA Pelham — Global Student Living. © Tom Ross.
Journal Uni Place — Journal Student Living. © Tom Ross.
Lisa Bellear House — University of Melbourne. © Tess Kelly.

What are the challenges when it comes to design and FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) in the student accommodation sector?

Maintaining a balance that ensures products specified are fit for purpose, durable, beautiful and meet the budget. As we focus solely on FF&E, we can ensure that these objectives are met for each of our projects, as we take a holistic approach from furniture through to styling.

What are the opportunities when it comes to design and FF&E in the student accommodation sector?

Students are design savvy and expect a higher standard than just a bed, desk and couple of generic pool tables now. This is good news for us as a design-led FF&E turn-key provider as we are able to focus on the elements that make for inspired social and personal spaces. Our clients realise the benefit of investing in this area of the project and understand the advantage of having considered, cohesive FF&E design.

Lisa Bellear House — University of Melbourne. © Tess Kelly.

What’s next for Move-in?

We plan to continue focusing our efforts on multi room applications including Independent Boutique Hotels and Student Accommodation of course!

We also have goals to introduce design- led FF&E into senior living and co-working spaces. We’re excited at the progress that’s being made in these industries, especially in Melbourne and it’s a move that we’d like to support and be a part of.

Having operated in FF&E for over 18 years now, Move-in has successfully managed to cultivate a tight-knit team who bring complimentary skills and a shared passion for design to the table.

There is a vibrant and cohesive energy about the company which was palpable when we visited their studio in Fitzroy.

What continues to set the Move-in team of experienced designers, operations and management staff apart is their capability to provide a full turn-key service, from design right through to delivery and after care service.

After 18 years delivering complete furniture solutions, they have this sorted!