WTF is FF&E?

Furniture, Fittings & Equipment Explained.

If you turn a building upside down and shake it, everything that falls out is FF&E.

That’s what we do. All that stuff.

FF&E is an acronym for Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (or Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment depending on who you ask), and is the industry term used to describe the movable & non-fixed furnishing items for the interiors of a project, even though most human beings have no idea what it actually stands for.

FF&E is what makes a place look & feel great and gives it heart & soul. Without it, there’s nothing to sit on.

FF&E generally includes all furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, artworks & styling. It can also include things like built in joinery and window coverings depending on the scope.

But it’s not just a fun and frivolous shopping spree — it involves lots of hard work and coordination — from the making, specifying, sourcing, testing, shipping, handling & logistics to installation, assembly and hand-over…

We know everyone’s a designer at heart but we’re the experts… and it takes a specialist to get it right!

At Move-in, we work with our clients to design, develop and deliver FF&E for all high-volume projects.

We price and schedule everything to reflect the project’s design intent and budget then voilà — we wave a magic wand and deliver it all.

That’s FF&E in a nutshell.

It’s a collaborative process that contributes to a project’s successful outcome in terms of both function and atmosphere and that intangible thing that makes a place sing.

Consider yourself FF&E’d.