Meet Michael, Nick and Renee Garnham

Meet Michael, Nick and Renee Garnham – the beating heart of Jardan, a family-owned furniture business since 1987, where each piece of furniture is hand crafted and made to measure in Melbourne.

Here are a few words we shared:

The Memphis movement was named after a line in the Bob Dylan song by a group of Italian Post Modernists in the 1980s — what would the appropriate genre be for Jardan, and what would your debut album be called?

Jardan would certainly be influenced by the surf, respect for nature and the Australian way of life, similar to the Beach Boys with an edgy retro sound and bursts of calm melody. If we had a debut album it would be called “Design and Refine”, a reflection of our passion for the Australian lifestyle and commitment to sustainability and the planet.

The 2020’s have seen a breakdown of traditional and binary definitions within home and society in general — how do you think this will impact design & style?

Jardan has always had an impact in ensuring that we have been inclusive from the beginning with beautiful classic forms with cutting edge design and a special way of taking traditional into the future. Our definition of family has always been about that welcoming Australian vibe and ensuring our design is influenced by our love of form, people, comfort and a place for everyone.